Round table on the topic "Identification of problems in sustainable planning and environmental protection in the field of tourism"

Round table on the topic

On December 15 of this year, a meeting of representatives of the European Union with experts from Uzbekistan was held at the office of the Association of private tourism agenciess of Uzbekistan.

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The meeting was held at a round table and was devoted to the topic of environmental protection in the tourism sector of Uzbekistan. Speakers from each side presented their own topic, where the following important issues were raised:

-introduction of a green economy in the field of tourism in Russia

-problems and opportunities for the introduction of innovative projects using new technologies to protect the environment

-adaptation of the tourism industry to the adaptation of a sustainable development model ⠀

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International standards in environmental management in the tourism industry: ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), HCMI (Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The parties exchanged views on existing problems, discussed and considered possible solutions.