On September 23 this year in the frame of European Union program "Central Asia Invest V" in Germany started a study tour for CBT specialists from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 

This training tour is organized by ACTED with the support of the European Union, ECEAT and the Association of Independent Tour Operators of Germany (ASR). 

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Representatives of the Association of Private Tourist Agencies of Uzbekistan (APTA), Tajik Community-Based Tourism Association (TATOS), Kyrgyz Community-Based Tourism Association ( KATOS), National School of Hospitality (Tajikistan) take part in the tour. 

During the first days of the tour, participants made a field trip to Harz National Park, located in Harztor. Harz National Park was founded in 1994, in 2006 the territory of the park expanded and is now more than 20 thousand hectares. 97% of the park is forest. The park has about 10 thousand different animals, mushrooms and plants. 

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The participants of the study tour also visited the hotel complex Nature Resort Schindelbruch in Südharz. This complex is an eco-friendly hotel, which has a fifth level of Greensign. 

The study tour for CBT representatives will continue until September 27th of this year.

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